Regulations: The Alaska Administrative Code


Regulations are rules developed by agencies in the executive branch of government. Authority to make these rules comes from state statutes passed by the legislature.  Assuming that regulations are properly authorized and publicized, they have the force and effect of law.

After a regulation is adopted by a state agency, it is forwarded on to the lieutenant governor's office for filing and publishing. Regulations typically become effective 30 days after they are signed (filed) by the Lieutenant Governor, and the original copies are retained in the office for five years. All adopted regulations are published in the Alaska Administrative Code (AAC).

Except in the case of emergency regulations, departments are required to provide public notice when regulations are proposed and when they are adopted. Notices are published to a widely distributed newspaper in the state and to the Online Public Notice System (OPNS.) This process allows the public to review and comment on regulations before they are are adopted, and to learn when a regulation becomes effective.

 Proposed Regulations Adopted Regulations