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Press Releases for the Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Lt. Gov. Addresses NPFMC at Sitka Meeting

Lt. Governor Mallott addressed North Pacific Fisheries Management Council at June Meeting in Sitka, June 3, 2015. Full Story »

Lt. Governor kicks off KTVA's new series

Lt. Governor Byron Mallott was featured in KTVA's first episode of their new show, Frontiers. Full Story »

Lt. Gov. Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award

Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA) awarded Lt. Gov. Mallott with a life time achievement award during the 80th Tribal Assembly of CCTHITA Full Story »

Gov. Walker Adopted into Kaagwaantaan Clan

Governor Bill Walker said today he is honored the Kaagwaantaan clan adopted himóan honor bestowed upon very few Alaskan leaders. Full Story »

Lt. Governor Mallott Addresses AFN Retreat

Honored guests and participants, itís so good to be here with you all. A historical moment, if I could. This is a historical moment. Full Story »

Lt. Gov. Speaks to Environmental Forum

I drew my first breath on this land. It was pure, and rich, and life giving. I will draw my last breath, on this land. To draw breath, is to live. To live is to be human. To be human is to accept responsibility for yourself, to allow yourself to be embraced by family, to become engaged in community, and to take part, always, in the life of the place, that you come to love. And Alaska is that place, for me. Full Story »

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. event remarks

Thank you all. Thank you all so very much. Yesterday I had the great privilege of joining [Reverend Patterson] in Anchorage at that incredible celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. And I admitted to him and the folks present, after the most incredible music and sharing and uplifting words a dream that Iíve had for a long, long time. Full Story »

Lt. Gov. Byron Mallottís Inaugural Remarks

Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallottís Oath of Office and Inaugural Remarks December 1, 2014 Full Story »