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Name and Address Changes


Use the name and address change form to update any address and contact information that has changed since you last provided the information to the Lieutenant Governor.   Sign the oath of office at the end of the form and mail, email, or fax (465-5400) the form to the Lieutenant Governor's office in Juneau.  Notarization is not required if you are not changing your name.


Please do not begin using a new name on your notarizations until you have completed all of the following steps to formally change the name on your notary commission with the Lieutenant Governor.

1. The first step in changing your name on your notary commission is to obtain new identification card(s) in your new name - you'll need to take care of that first in order to have your new signature notarized on our name change form.

2.  When you have proper identification under the new name, fill out the name and address change form completely, have your signature on the oath of office notarized, and mail (no fax or email copies accepted) the hard copy of the completed name change form along with the $5.00 fee to the address indicated in the instructions for filling out the form (the instructions are part of the PDF file below..)

3.  The Lieutenant Governor will process your name change and send you an updated commission certificate reflecting the name change.

4.  When you receive the updated commission certificate from the Lieutenant Governor, purchase a new notary seal.   Do not perform notarizations under your new name until you obtain a new notary seal.   It is OK to continue performing notarizations under your old name using your old seal until you have the new seal.  It is important that your signature always match the name on your notary seal.

5.  Notify the Surety/Bonding company responsible for your notary bond of the name change and follow whatever process they require to formally update the name on your notary bond.   Mail the name change "rider" that the Surety provides you to the Lieutenant Governor for your file.

Thanks for keeping your name and contact information current!