Alaska Notary Public Office 


There are two ways to apply for an Alaska notary commission:

 1.   Online!

 2.   OR, mail us the required application materials and application fee (click here for instructions.)































    Notary Supply information for new notaries!


To apply for a notary commission online, you will need a personal myAlaska account, internet access, a valid email address that accepts PDF attachments, the ability to scan and upload documents and must also be able to pay the $40.00 application fee using a credit or debit card.

 Online application steps:

1.  Acquire your notary bond prior to starting the online application process.  The bond is mandatory.  There is no point in starting the online application process until you have your notary bond in hand.

2.  When you have your notary bond, load up the notary database and click on the "Apply for Commission" button on the right side of the page.

3.  Fill out the requested Commission Information, Personal Information and Employer/Business Information sections completely.   Please provide a valid email address.  Your personal residence address is required by law but will remain confidential (unless you also use it as your publicly available mailing address and/or specifically select it for publication.)

4.  Scan and upload your notary bond and submit the form by clicking on the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of the page.   As soon as you submit your application you will receive an email containing a customized notary public oath of office form as a PDF attachment.

5.  Print your oath of office form and have your signature on the oath of office notarized.

6.  Click the link provided in the oath of office email message to return to the database to complete your application.  Scan and uploade the completed notary public oath of office and pay your $40.00 application fee (the fee is waived for State of Alaska employees that are applying for limited governmental notary commissions.)

7.  We will review your application and contact you by email if there are any problems.  When your application has been approved and issued you will receive an email message confirming that your commission has been issued.  This email message will also have a PDF copy of your commisison certificate attached (to help speed up the purchase of your notary seal if you need to buy one.)

8.  We will also mail you a hard copy notary commission certificate to the "publicly available" mailing address that you provided.  We will only mail your hard copy certificate to the address you provide as your mailing address.

If you have any questions, problems or need help with the application process please call 465-3509 (or email) for assistance!













 Lieutenant Governor Mallott has launched a new notary database and web application that provides the public with the ability to search for notaries and allows applicants to apply for notary commissions online.


For personal assistance with applications, notarizations, etc. please call the notary office at (907) 465-3509 or 877-764-1234 toll free in Alaska, or contact us by email at

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