Youth Vote Ambassador Program

Encouraging Youth to Participate in Democracy

Voting is a fundamental part of good citizenship. When our founding fathers established our country, they did so to "secure the blessings of liberty of ourselves and our posterity." Our democratic republic depends on people of good will becoming actively engaged, especially through voting.

Does your vote count? It certainly does. In 2006, following a recount and appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court, the results in the House District 37 Democratic Primary between Carl Moses and Bryce Edgmon resulted in a tie. A coin toss decided the race with Bryce Edgmon winning the nomination. In 2002, following a recount, 36 votes elected Mike Hawker to the State House. Carl Morgan, by a recount, was elected to the State House in 1998 by six votes and two years before that Ann Spohnholz won her party's nomination for State House by ONE vote.

Our Division of Elections is helping make voting accessible to more people, including special provisions for the blind and visually impaired; reaching out to our youth through the Youth Vote Ambassador Program; making special outreaches to our military, especially those deployed overseas; and increasing access to early voting. We want all eligible Alaskans to be able to vote.

Exercise your right to vote and to invite others to do the same! The next time you consider not voting, ask yourself how you would feel if you didn't have a choice.

Are you interested in earning money while serving our State?

Want to get involved in the Youth Vote Ambassador Program?

Contact your Regional Elections Office:

  • Region I (Juneau) 465-3021
  • Region II (Anchorage) 522-8683
  • Region III (Fairbanks) 451-2835
  • Region IV (Nome) 443-5285

Election workers will explain the program. All the materials needed to put the program into effect will be provided.