Emailing Lt. Governor Mallott

Each year, thousands of Alaskans contact the Office of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor to express their views on a particular policy or legislative matter or to seek assistance with a matter related to State government. In these challenging fiscal times, all State agencies, including the Office of the Governor, have undergone workforce reductions. Some staff positions within the Governor’s office that have traditionally duplicated policy and communications positions that also exist in State agencies have been eliminated.

Every message and idea received from an Alaskan is read and considered by our office as the Walker/Mallott Administration charts the best path forward for Alaska; however, we no longer have the staff resources to individually respond to each and every message sent to the Governor or Lieutenant Governor individually. We are currently devoting our limited resources to evaluating and implementing Alaskans’ input related to the overall direction and day-to-day operations of State government, and giving individual response and assistance to Alaskans who need specific help or information from our office or a State agency.

In order to serve Alaskans most efficiently, we are offering the specific avenues of contact listed below. We thank you in advance for taking the time to make your voice heard and encourage you to choose the most appropriate option below.

If you need specific assistance with, or information from, a State agency, we encourage you to contact the Commissioner’s office of the agency directly as a first step if you have not already done so. If you are unsure of which agency you should contact, or you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, please use the “Agency Assistance” button below so that we may ensure you receive appropriate assistance.